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Wild Wings Inc.

Wild Wings Inc.

Bird of Prey Facility and Nature Center

Wild Wings Inc is a not-for-profit educational organization which includes a bird of prey facility and the Mendon Ponds Park Nature Center. We care for permanently injured and non-releasable animals which are unable to survive on their own in the wild.


Our mission is to foster awareness, enhance respect, and promote personal responsibility for the natural world. We believe the key to environmental conservation and preservation is education. We travel with many of our animals to schools, scout meetings, and many other corporate and private events. We also host education programs and hikes at our facility in Mendon Ponds Park.


Wild Wings is a safe and inclusive space for all individuals to come and learn about animals and the environment. We do not charge an admission fee but rely on donations and programming to be able to feed and care for the animals which call Wild Wings home. All donations and sales go directly to the animals!

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